Basic Info:
Name: David Rahimi
Location: Laguna Hills, California, USA
Age: 22 Years Old

David Rahimi

I remember when I was almost 18 years old, I made the decision that I wanted to be rich. It wasn’t (and still isn’t) just a wish to be rich like everybody has. It was a decision. I wouldn’t (and still won’t) accept anything else. I didn’t know how I would accomplish (and still figuring it out as I go) this goal, but I knew this is what I wanted. So I started to learn about business and investing. I read books, listened to audio tapes, and attended seminars. I took all the business classes my high school had to offer. Did the same in college.

But somewhere along the way, from the ideas in the books I was reading to my own personal thoughts, my mind was opened. I started to realize that there was so much more to life than just being rich. It amazed me. The more and more I learned, the less and less I realized I actually knew. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a burning desire to be rich. But at the same time I have fallen in love with wisdom. Or to put it a better way, I’ve become a philosopher.

At 18, I started with nothing. Fast forward a few years,  and I have my own business and this blog. But I have to admit, I am not exactly where I thought I would be a few years ago. I thought I would be a millionaire by now, but unfortunately this isn’t the case. At least not yet! But I have learned a lot over the years and I know there is still a lot I have yet to learn.

And that’s why I have this blog. I want to share what I have learned and what I will learn down the road with anybody who is willing to read it. So that way when I do achieve my goal, I will have recorded what I did to get there along the way. And I hope that by doing this I can help you do the same. If you have any questions for me please use the contact form to do so. I try my best to respond to all e-mails either in a reply or a post in the future. Feel free to leave comments if you want to add your two cents. Thanks for visiting!

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aspire March 10, 2011 at 2:54 AM

Your blog is very interesting, reminds me of myself. Always told everyone I was going to be rich, people often mistake confidence as arrogance


David Rahimi March 10, 2011 at 7:19 PM

Yes confidence can definitely be confused as being arrogance. This is something that I’ve struggled with. A lot of people view me as being cocky. But I am going to write a post on it soon. But for now, a rhyme in a song I heard a few days ago says it best for me:

“I’m so passionate, you might even misinterpret it as arrogant.” – Busta Rhymes

Thanks for your comment!


Patricia Sommer August 7, 2011 at 3:08 PM

I love your blog. I journal for my ‘growth journey’ and it helps me to gain in wisdom in ways I never thought possible. I have experienced a lot of trauma and now am healing from the resulting PTSD.

Life is now good because I now journal life and that allows me to live it better than I was when I kept my life inside my head where only I could see it. Life is best when shared!!

:-) Patricia


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